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410, 2018

Price transparency – what you need to do (2)

As we approach the December have you started to consider the new transparency rules and how you are going to comply with rules which the SRA [...]

2809, 2018

Price transparency – what you need to do

With the Legal Services Board agreeing with the SRA in relation to price transparency, what does this mean for your law firm and how are you [...]

2009, 2018

Karen Peters interviews Vicky

Conversion Consultant specialist Karen Peters talks to Victoria about Compliance and GDPR

1009, 2018

The Human Cost of Money Laundering – Part One

(Guest blog by Mark Heffer) Fraud and Financial Crime Consulting Ltd. It is very easy to silo oneself when immersed in the world of investigating money laundering [...]

409, 2018

File reviews – do we need them?

How good would it feel to be able to say that as a firm you have all your file reviews up to date, corrective action signed [...]

207, 2018

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

This morning I had a look on Linkedin as I generally do and came across a refreshing and honest post by Zac Williams who is the [...]

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