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Assisting firms achieve their objectives by reducing risk

2203, 2018

Navigating a Year of Change

Teal Compliance & Lockton Annual Compliance Conference 2018: Navigating a Year of Change  - Book your tickets from this link As an Associate of Teal Compliance [...]

303, 2018

Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of the one for the other.

The legal industry can be a mixture of things both good and not so good. People tend to focus on the things that drive them, whether [...]

2202, 2018

Keeping those resolutions

At the start of 2018 most us will have sat down and set personal new years’ resolutions. There are two questions I have in relation to [...]

202, 2018

Talk Thursday

Is there anything special about this Thursday 1 February? You may not know, but it is “Talk Thursday”. We all talk day in day out, but do [...]

901, 2018

The ‘C’ Word… no, the other one

The mere mention of the “C” word tends to fill people with dread and many firms, Partners or owners continue to bury their heads in the [...]

2012, 2017

Risk management – the most important driver of future law firm growth

LawNet have been conducting research and have produced a white paper outlining the research readings. This is not only a worthwhile and informative read, but it [...]

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