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Special Offer

Compliance Health Check

£600 plus VAT and expenses (usually £1,000 plus VAT and expenses)

What is included within the Compliance Health Check

·     Structure and Strategy

·     A financial review is available as a “Financial Health Check”

·     Information Management

·     People Management

·     Risk Management

·     Client Care

·     File and Case Management

You will be provided with a full RAG report and recommendations.

Now is the time to give your firm a compliance health check. At Apply Compliance Today we believe in “ACTing” now so you are in a stronger position to deal with any problem areas and build the strong foundations that every firm needs to succeed.

Whether you require the one off health check, an ongoing arrangement or a 15 minute telephone consultation, please contact us today: Victoria.Simpson@applycompliancetoday.co.uk / 07725 801196

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