ACT – Assisting law firms achieve their objectives by reducing risk

ACT provide Business and Law Firm Compliance services to help you achieve your objectives

  • Many law firms and businesses do not have a Legal Compliance Department, but it is vital that you are protecting yourselves as individuals, protecting the firm and protecting the employees and the client.
  • Whether you require a one off legal compliance review of your current processes and systems or an ongoing arrangement, ACT are here to assist.

ACT provide law firm compliance services to help you achieve your objectives, reducing risk and providing a focus to assist you in growing your business. Whether this is assisting on a project or ongoing basis, we offer a bespoke legal compliance service for your requirements. Clients come first and we have a proven track record at being a resource to compliment your law firm or business.

Compliance is a mine field – ACT can assist you in navigating to a safe outcome.

Why Use Us?

Our compliance services focus on working and listening to you

ACT work with a number of law firms and businesses in different capacities, as you know no day is ever the same. We work with you to provide the legal compliance solutions to difficulties you are facing and plan for the future of your firm.

We will look at business strategy and legal compliance. There are instances where we all know what compliance is required, but do not know how to approach it. That’s where ACT come in, we will assist you by talking to you, not at you and listen to you about what you are facing.

Once we have identified your legal compliance requirements, we will build a project plan with you to enable and facilitate you to reach the objective. We will give you the commitment you need and the support to build your law firm into a better business. We can coach individuals within the law firm which will undoubtedly unlock their personal and earning potential to reach their individual and law firm targets.

We are not a “Yes” company who will give you the answers you want to hear. There would be no value in that and we are here to assist, challenge you and your firm and take it to the next level. Let’s get started – speak to a legal compliance consultant today.