At the start of 2018 most us will have sat down and set personal new years’ resolutions. There are two questions I have in relation to this:

1 – How many of those resolutions are you maintaining?

2 – Out of those resolutions, where any of them business focused?

Whether you are the decision maker in the firm or an employee it is always good to have goals to focus on. Compliance underpins both the individual and firm wide goals, without it you are almost certainly not going to succeed.

At the very least whilst you may think you are succeeding without compliance, it will only take one complaint that leads to a negligence action or a rogue fee earner that will bring the walls tumbling down. The foundation of any law firm is Compliance – how good would be it be achieved all your goals and sleep at night without the worry of what if?

Even the most compliant firms will still at one time or another have that 2.00am feeling of something going wrong. At ACT we are here to make sure that those 2.00am wake up signs are few and far between.

Preventative is better than cure and sometimes the not knowing of how to deal with something is far worse than the issue itself.

If you were building a house or a block of flats, you would not do so without the appropriate planning permission or foundations. Building a block of flats on the same foundations as a single or double story house is a risk that we can all see.

You may not be able to see the risks in your own firm, which is where ACT can assist. We know what to look for, how to deal with the warning signs and put systems in place. We will set goals for you which we know you will be able to achieve.

Compliance is not about setting people up to fail, it’s about being realistic in training your staff, so they know what to look out for and question. It’s about being preventative and having the knowledge of what is truly happening in your firm.  Not turning a blind eye because that fee earner bills a higher amount. It’s about the culture and fit of the employees within your firm.  It’s your integrity, ethics and your reputation.

So, if we were to look at your goals – what would they be?

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