This morning I had a look on Linkedin as I generally do and came across a refreshing and honest post by Zac Williams who is the co founder @ Grad Touch.

He had undertaken his chosen degree and had a job lined up. The proviso being that he needed a 2:1.    Zac got a 2:2 and the offer was rescinded. I don’t know who that job may have been for, however how short sighted it was of that company to base Zac’s capability around the 2:2. After years of studying to achieve what you have wanted for so long to effectively be told you are a failure is soul destroying and far from the truth and reality. Zach has achieved what he has set out to do and has used that experience as an anchor in building his own business.

So what’s my message to anyone reading this blog?  The journey you take to become a Solicitor and up the career ladder in a law firm can be harsh. It builds you into what you are going to become in the future.   Make those choices wisely, take a step back, reframe the position you are in, where you want to go, and you can achieve anything you want. You may start out in the post room and end up as the CEO – and believe me I have known this to happen. With sheer determination you can do it and what is equally as important is that you do so with integrity and ethics. Use your “gut” feelings, appreciate those around you and who help you achieve your vision.

I am sure after reading this, you will think about some of those individuals (including yourselves) as to just how far you have come and where you can end up.

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