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Karen Peters interviews Vicky

Conversion Consultant specialist Karen Peters talks to Victoria about Compliance and GDPR

Karen Peters interviews Vicky2018-09-21T13:43:53+00:00

The Human Cost of Money Laundering – Part One

(Guest blog by Mark Heffer) Fraud and Financial Crime Consulting Ltd. It is very easy to silo oneself when immersed in the world of investigating money laundering and to forget that actually it isn’t just about currency, commodities and hidden profits but it’s about people. I have investigated a plethora of cases during my career [...]

The Human Cost of Money Laundering – Part One2018-09-21T03:12:16+00:00

File reviews – do we need them?

How good would it feel to be able to say that as a firm you have all your file reviews up to date, corrective action signed off, trends identified, and training given where necessary? Equally, how would it feel to be dealing with a professional negligence matter, rogue fee earner, the SRA, the SDT, [...]

File reviews – do we need them?2018-09-04T15:11:25+00:00

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

This morning I had a look on Linkedin as I generally do and came across a refreshing and honest post by Zac Williams who is the co founder @ Grad Touch. He had undertaken his chosen degree and had a job lined up. The proviso being that he needed a 2:1.    Zac got a [...]

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.2018-07-02T15:07:09+00:00

Run, hide… GDPR is coming… oh no, it’s here!

25th May 2018 saw new legislation in relation to Data Protection - yes, I know you have heard or seen nothing but GDPR on social media. Over the last few months I have been visiting firms of all sizes and disciplines and in the lead up to GDPR some of those firms have been [...]

Run, hide… GDPR is coming… oh no, it’s here!2018-06-07T11:41:16+00:00

Technology in Compliance

At the recent Teal Annual Conference I spoke to the delegates about Technology in Compliance, following on from that I would like to ask you these questions? 1 - How do your current systems and processes work for you? 2 - As a firm are you all working on the same system or is [...]

Technology in Compliance2018-06-07T11:54:23+00:00

Navigating a Year of Change

Teal Compliance & Lockton Annual Compliance Conference 2018: Navigating a Year of Change  - Book your tickets from this link As an Associate of Teal Compliance I am pleased to announce our first annual conference.  Take advantage of the early bird booking to avoid disappointment 2018 is a significant year for Law Firm Compliance. [...]

Navigating a Year of Change2018-03-22T11:12:28+00:00

Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of the one for the other.

The legal industry can be a mixture of things both good and not so good. People tend to focus on the things that drive them, whether it’s the bottom line of fee income or having to make what some people may see as ruthless decisions for the success of the business. However, I also [...]

Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of the one for the other.2018-03-02T15:02:20+00:00

Keeping those resolutions

At the start of 2018 most us will have sat down and set personal new years’ resolutions. There are two questions I have in relation to this: 1 – How many of those resolutions are you maintaining? 2 – Out of those resolutions, where any of them business focused? Whether you are the decision [...]

Keeping those resolutions2018-02-27T15:27:21+00:00

Talk Thursday

Is there anything special about this Thursday 1 February? You may not know, but it is “Talk Thursday”. We all talk day in day out, but do we really talk and do we really listen. Talk Thursday is to raise awareness of mental health. Whilst mental health is talked about more than in previous years, [...]

Talk Thursday2018-02-27T15:29:33+00:00